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We make the Wood & Kitchens look most beautiful .

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Raison wood finishing Inc. is a premium service provider for all kinds of Kitchen projects .Raison Kitchen finishes have a great look and feel and confirms to the modern architectural requirements and themes .We are a great team and with the best of skills we deliver quality finishing services. 



Raison brings the best skills with the modern technology for Kitchen wood finishing .Our team, supported by our service specialists, deliver the most reliable kitchen finishing .



As a Quality service provider, we stand ready with the custom services and finish technologies to help customers & meet their highest standards for looks and durability.



Raison has demonstrated the speciality finishes capabilities in Antique , Lacquer , PU , Stain and Natural wood options which protect and enhance wood texture naturally.



We consistently set the standard in wood finishing innovation , service and technology for stains,paints,clear coats,glazes, semi custom and kitchen cabinetry finishes.



We provide Time Bound High Quality Services  

We provide design and premium wood finishing services .Our services involve design phase consultation on kitchen conceptual & final designs,specifications and wood  finishes .

Our project management service drives the kitchen project from concept to completion. With articulation of clear design , specs , finishes ,project logistics & clear communication, all of our projects reach become successful.

We also provide services for commercial spaces which include Restaurants, Retail Stores , Office spaces with special wood finishing , custom finishes , and all kinds of modern wood finish .

We also provide services for high-end renovations of contemporary custom kitchens and wood restoration of all residential, commercial, retail projects.

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 We have the Big Range of Finishes for New Kitchen   


Glossy — These cabinets have a beautiful high shine finish , looks delightful.

Semi-gloss — This is a finish that has a subtle shine used in many kitchens

Matte — This is a flat finish with no shine at all & comes out effectively.

Lacquered/Coated — This finish is commonly found on timber cabinets

Painted — Modern Painted finishes are most common in kitchen cabinetry .

Stain — Stain finishes come out in rich colors and provide a great look .

Raison is a very competent & professional team , they have delivered many successful projects with the quality wood finishing .
Millworx , Mississauga
Millworx , Mississauga
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Raison provided us a great service .We are absolutely delighted with the services.We will for sure recommend these people for any project .
O&D wood working Mississauga.
O&D wood working Mississauga.
Great Services
Raison is a skillful team .We are absolutely satisfied with their professional ethics and finishing work .We will keep them as our preferred work partners.
BSK Millwork, Mississauga
BSK Millwork, Mississauga
Professional Team
We found Raison Team to be very competent in providing quality services .We are absolutely delighted with our new Kitchen .We Would love to work with these people again .
Reyat Kitchen, Mississauga
Reyat Kitchen, Mississauga
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Raison is a real wood finish specialist .We always get the best and wonderful finish quality .They are a real good team and we enjoy working with them .
Maple Kitchen , Mississauga
Maple Kitchen , Mississauga
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