Planning the finish

We do careful planning to ensure that the finished piece looks attractive, performs well in service and meets safety and environmental requirements. Planning for finishing begins with the design of Kitchen.We ensure that wood is adequately coated and are able to resist wear and cracking. We also ensure that wooden joints do not open-up in service and crack the overlying finish.

Appearance of finishes

We give due  consideration needs to be given to whether the finished wood will come into content with food, in which case a food safe finish should be used,local environmental regulations governing the use of finishes, and recycling of finished wood at the end of its life .We plan about the properties of the wood that we are going to finish, as this can greatly affect the appearance and of finishes, and also the type of finishing system that will give the wood the characteristics you are seeking .


Performance of finishes

Some tropical woods such as rosewood , cocobolo and African padauk contain extractives such as quinones , retard the curing of unsaturated polyester and UV-cured acrylate coatings , so other finishing systems should be used with these species.Wood’s that are coarse textured such oaks and other ring-porous hardwoods may need to be filled before they are finished to ensure the coating can bridge the pores and resist cracking. The pores in ring porous woods preferentially absorb pigmented stain and advantage can be taken of this to highlight the wood’s grain.